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The Medieval Ruins of The British Isles

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Due to a fortuitous happenstance, I spent two-and-half weeks in the spring of 2013 fulfilling a life-long ambition - to wander unfettered and undisturbed among the medieval ruins of Great Britain.

I wish I could articulate clearly why I am drawn to these ruins... well... no. Actually: I'm perfectly content to dwell within the very mystery that these ruins represent. How were these colossal structures built? What was it like to live among them during the era of their glory? Why were they abandoned, how have they fallen into such disrepair? What lessons do these remains of a lost civilization have to share with us today??

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The locations in this collection include many of the most notable medieval structures in The Borders region of Scotland, Northumberland and Yorkshire, among them:

Melrose AbbeyJedburgh AbbeyDryburgh AbbeySmailholm TowerHermitage CastleRosslyn ChapelLindisfarne PrioryFountains Abbey,Rievaulx Abbey,Richmond CastleandBarnard Castle
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Castles and Abbeys

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In addition to the Castles & Abbeys collection shown here, there is another collection of more fanciful imaginings of these locations available for your viewing pleasure in the 'Portals of Stone' series:

Portals of Stone / Series 1

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