Something ancient and ruined.... something infinite and eternal.

Portals of Stone

Digital Photoart by Paul Schatzkin

Rosslyn-DSC_8513-Edit copy-Edit-2.jpg
Melrose-MelroseSelf 30x20_300dpi_DSC_7044_Flat.jpg

It all started unexpectedly in the spring of 2013, when I was privileged to accompany a troupe of Celtic musicians on a pilgrimage to sacred sites in the United Kingdom. I spent two weeks touring The Borders region of southern Scotland, driving through a stark but verdant landscape – and relying on the GPS unit on my dashboard for navigation.

There's no way I could have conducted an expedition like this without GPS. Trying to read maps and drive on the 'wrong' side of the road would have been entirely too daunting to handle by myself. So there I was, faithfully relying on the GPS unit when suddenly...

GPS Failure!


...Uh, I don't think the GPS is gonna be much good in another mile or so...

I did not fully appreciate what I had discovered on the trip in 2013 until I got back to my computer and started processing the files.

That's when I first discovered these "Portals of Stone."

What struck me about these images is the confluence of times. We start from our vantage point vantage point here in the 21st century, gazing upon ruins that have stood for centuries; when the portals open, we are looking at light that has been traveling across the cosmos for millennia.

Once I had discovered the unseen marvels hidden within these ancient sites, I was determined to return to the UK to see what else I could find. In October, 2014, I made just such an expedition, flying across the Atlantic again for the express, singular purpose of finding more of these "portals." I spent another two weeks amid the ruins in southern Scotland and Northern England, finding many more worthy additions to the series.


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